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Google Connect pleased to announce a wonderfull service before the first phase of the site release. We offer email, instant messaging, online document and calendar accounts to bring together the salem peoples at one place. Get your own free email id with 5gb space and with the great gmail interface which you will love most.

Why though you have good email service? We know the best mail service provider is the gmail now. Wont you register if you get same features with your local domain and with your preferred user name? why still sticking with the gmail at end of your name? Best of all, our mail server is powerd by google servers with their own innovative technologies. No more, feel the same feature - come on sign up (currently email is not public - only up on request with


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Salemjilla Mail -- Offer free email addresses with 5 gigabytes of storage for each account, search tools to help you find information fast, plus instant messaging and calendar tools built right into the gmail interface.

Google Talk

Salemjilla Talk -- Call or send instant messages to your salemjilla contacts and even gmail contacts for free -- anytime, anywhere in the world. File sharing and voicemail is included, too. Download Gtalk for Salemjilla.

Google Calendar

Salemjilla Calendar --Organize your schedules and share events, meetings and entire calendars with others. You can also publish calendars and events on the web.

Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Salemjilla Docs -- You can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations and collaborate with each other in real-time right inside a web browser window.